Mac OSX El Capitan...ioquake3 Quits When Starts


I am trying to get ioquake3 to run in El Capitan - currently 10.11.5.

I have placed the pak0.pk3 in the baseq3 folder of ioquake3.

Everytime I run the ioquake3-1.36 - which I assume is the latest - it starts, has a black screen for a second and then quits with a ‘ioquake3 has unexpectedly quit’ message.

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong.


Upgrade to a test build

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Playing ioquake without problems on my mac.
Looking a way to get better textures or quality…

A test build and the new rendering options will take you far.

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Thank you very much.
Working fine right now.
I have found a key to open a command console "^"
I have 3 .app right now.
ioquake3-1.36 app build)
ioquake3fe-1.36app with a windows before start to launch a game with some commands really?
With i have launched the game and change to opengl2 and my resolution and works fine, but menu UI its low resolution. But i can´t find nothing under wiki to set this.
Apologize about my english.
And thank you very much and happy new year!
I want to play with my son this afternoon and show her the mother of shooter games, and not this call of sit that its playing every day with her friend!