Local match with instagib

Hello, everybody!

My favourite game type is the instagib mod; only rails, no ammo limit, instant death. The issue is that I get no connection to any server in the in-game server list, so I need to find an alternative. So, the question is:

Is there any chance of playing instagib in a local match against bots? If yes, how to accomplish this?

Thank you for your time,

Yes, make sure you’re using a test build then download an instagib mod and run it locally with +set fs_game directorynameofinstagibmod

Thank you for your input!

I am working on macOS Sierra (10.12). At first, the test build did not even start due to the missing *.pk3 files. I got it to work by putting all the pak0.pk3 - pak8.pk3 files in ~/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3. The game now starts. However, when I call the test build executable with the +set fs_game instagib, I cannot find the option to initiate an instagib match.

So, I have two more questions:

  1. Where exactly should I put the instagib.pk3 file?
  2. When running the test build executable, does it require any more non-obvious actions in order to start a local instagib match?

Thank you for your time,


When starting ioquake from the command line, it gives this:
/Users/rodionefremov/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3/instagib.pk3 (2 files)

so I think I got it right (question 1).

The instagib mod linked above is not compatible with Quake 3 1.32 / ioquake3. Starting local map or joining gives an error message “Client/Server game mismatch: baseq3-1/”. Use InstaGib-1.29h instead. Instagib is always enabled; there is no menu option.

You can put the pk3 in ~/Library/Application Support/Quake3/instagib/ so it’s a separate mod. +set fs_game instagib tells ioquake3 to use the mod directory. You can also choose it from the mods menu in-game instead.