Linux Retro System Halp!

Hello everyone! I’ve looked around and could not find what I am looking for and was hoping someone could help. Random/dated tutorials on the web have not made this easy for me, and being new to Linux doesn’t help. So I’ll pose some questions, try recommendations and then come back with questions :^]

1.) Which distro and version would be easy/good/period accurate for a retro computer? (e.g. 1.4Ghz Pentium 3, 1GB RAM, 3dfx Voodoo5 5500, and SoundBlaster Live!) I also have various GeForce cards from that era I could try but prefer some 3dfx goodness.

2.) The computer is offline without access to the internet. Is there a file pack that can be downloaded and burned to a CD with everything needed? (or maybe a list of files to get) I have the original Q3A cds for both Windows and Linux if that helps. I suppose I could get the retro rig on the Internet but would prefer to explore offline install options.

3.) A guide. A detailed step by step guide that has instructions/order of commands for the specific distro suggested in step 1. (if steps for the hardware drivers too that would be awesome, or even a guess on how to do it would help)

If something like this exists please let me know where I should look. If this doesn’t exist, is there someone who would be willing to take a journey with me to figure this out? (efforts would not be a waste and I’m sure others would be grateful) Or maybe a Discord jam session and I could share the retro computer display and take notes of what was being done.

I saw the pic with Tux and the Q3 rocket launcher and now I really want to get this working but am striking out HARD with Red Hat 7.3 and random tutorials on the web. So I wiped the drive and am awaiting further instructions for success.

Thank you!

Disregard. I went another route and got Q3A working on Debian 7.11.0 without using ioquake3. Cheers!