Joystick Support


I just built the latest from Git in hopes that the advertised new joystick cvars would work. I would like to use an equivalent configuration that I’ve been using with the darkplaces engine. Specifically I like to do this:

seta joy_forward_axis "1"
seta joy_side_axis1 "0"
seta joy_yaw_axis "3"
seta joy_pitch_axis "6"
seta joy_up_axis “6”

seta joy_forward "-1.5"
seta joy_side "1.5"
seta joy_yaw "-1.6"
seta joy_pitch "0"
seta joy_up “0”

The joy stick I am using is only 4 axis. Before I attempted this the joystick forward axis worked as expected although the side axis was instead yaw. I like to use the the joystick z twist for yaw, and the x axis for side motion.

So, after putting these cvar settings in an autoexec.cfg file and dropping that in to baseq3, the result was the same as before, the sideway axis on the joystick was yaw in the game.

So, did I miss something or has this still yet to be implemented?

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In ioquake3 the cvars start with j_. See README.

Thanks for the README.

I got forward and side to work as desired, although using the z axis for yaw seems to be broken.

Any idea in the source where that would be?

I know it use to be in the client input code in the Q1 engine I have yet to read a reference on the code layout of the Q3 engine.

I found it. It’s still in cl_input.c