Issue with Rocket Arena 3 dedicated server

I’m trying to set up a dedicated RA3 server (1.80) on 32-bit Ubuntu using the ioq3ded.i386 binary (ioq3 1.36 linux-i386 Apr 12 2009) and I’m encountering a strange issue - The server comes up fine and I can connect to it with my ioquake3 client for Mac.

However unlike joining any normal RA3 server where you get to pick which arena to enter upon joining the server, on my server I’m joining as some type of spectator mode, where I am unable to join any team. For instance on ra3map11 I join in some kind of waiting area level where there are “bouncy plates” which lead to the different arenas, but it seems impossible to join any of the arenas as a regular player, as the player seems to be stuck in spectator mode.

Anyone else encounter this? Any help appreciated.


Please use the test builds instead of the 2009 1.36 release, you can find them here:

I believe that rocket arena 3 is a binary only (“DLL”) mod that we cannot support more directly, though the newer version of the engine may solve the issue.

Make sure the server is run with +set sv_pure 0 and +set vm_game 0 in that case too.

For all intents and purposes RA3 1.80 isn’t compatible with ioquake3. (Any version)

1.80 has it’s own client/server binaries which were based on ioq3 1.35. As far as I can tell it won’t work at all with anything other than the provided binaries.

For this reason, noone ever really used 1.80 even back when it was released.

You want to use 1.76 instead.

Thanks a lot for letting me know this @MANATARMS, replacing 1.80 with 1.76 has solved the issue - much appreciated!

Thanks to others for the helpful info as well!