Is this suitable for a single player standalone game?

Hi all! I am new here, but not new to idtech-style engines, I have been modding Half-Life for most of my life, but its limitations are starting to grate on me, so I was thinking ioQuake3 would be a good path to graduate.

How suitable would it be for developing a Half-Life style puzzle and atmosphere focused single player game? I know a few idtech 3 engine games were mostly or all Single Player focused, but to my knowledge they aren’t open so I would have to implement most things on my own.

So, is this a good choice? Are there other people doing something like this around here?

There is open source mod EntityPlus which aims for making single player quake3 mods easier.

It’s worth noting that EntityPlus is licensed under the Q3 mod SDK license which cannot be used for standalone games or mixed with ioquake3 GPL licensed mod code.

EntityPlus does have nice ideas and documentation though.

I looked at EntityPlus before, it’s a great framework, but as said, I would probably have to reimplement most of those things on my own to make a total conversion of sorts, which is what I intend. After some research and after finding Spearmint, I think this engine will suit me really well. All the new functionality such as a shader system, mesh collisions, actual large environments and others will be really exciting to use!

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