Is this project still active? Small changes inside

I have attached an updated main2.c file that adds a couple of basic features (SDL2 only).

Anyone wishing to try, simply backup your main2.c file and then save the file at the following link ( ) as main2.c and put it in place of the original. Assuming you have SDL2 enabled as a build flag you should now have the following additions:

  1. Mouse is grabbed by default in both windowed and fullscreen mode (ctrl-g still toggles if needed)
  2. Added 1440x900 to the screen resolution list
  3. Added a new command line parameter -m (or --mode) to set the screen resolution before launching.

The changes are only simple, The reason I have added them is to allow scripting to control the resolution rather than having to use the menu system.

If anyone is maintaining the project and considers any of the above functionality useful, please consider merging with the main branch.



The following list will be shown if you enter a number that is not valid for mode

0: 512x384
1: 640x480
2: 800x600
3: 1024x768
4: 1152x864
5: 1280x720
6: 1280x960
7: 1280x1024
8: 1440x900
9: 1600x1200
10: 1920x1080

Mode is used in the following manor:

./avp -m 10
./avp --mode 10

(This combined with either -w (–windowed) or -f (–fullscreen) will give a window/screen resolution of 1920x1080)