Is there alternative to Alias command?

Hey guys!

I’ve been trying to set up sensitivity change when a key is pressed, and return to the previous setting when it’s released. I think the best available solution would be to use alias command and bind it to +action and -action, but there are is no Alias command :frowning: is there an alternative in ioquake?

Won’t it be better just to set desired sensitivity for each weapon?

Btw, i was trying to play witch such config but it’s not a good idea imo. Better work out perfect input configuration and stick to it. So in time even Your arm will know, how fast to move a mouse to hit 10px wide target on 100 degree angle.

Also, if You use last git version, u can use QL mouse acceleration

Thanks for your reply Bagheera.

I infere from it that aliases have been dropped and there is no similar thing in ioquake. Is that right?

I’ll try your solution as well, thanks.

I don’t know. I’ll check that later.

Anyway, You can use a simple script to cycle predefined sensitivities. Here’s an example of my fov zoom toggle:

bind AUX6 "vstr sniper_f" // side mouse button
seta sniper_f "vstr zoomin"
seta zoomin "+zoom; cg_fov 70; set sniper_f vstr zoomout"
seta zoomout "-zoom; cg_fov 120; set sniper_f vstr zoomin"

Thanks! It’s appreciated !