Ioquake3 failed to install in void linux

ioquake3 failed to install in void linux

Something simmilar has been posted, but it is not the same error, and it was over 2 years ago.

What have I done?

first, I extracted the .iso file, then I downloaded the engine and the data installer. I then moved the 2 .run files into the extracted .iso folder. After that I executed:

sudo sh

and I got this result:

What should I do? (thanks in advance)

I’d recommend installing a ioquake3 test build and running it manually from a terminal. All the installer adds is a menu option (no idea if that still works). (Except test builds are currently down so you have to compile it yourself.)

Bots are broken in 2009 stable for GNU/Linux x86_64 and the uninstaller doesn’t work leading to a great workaround for uninstalling.

Which version of Void Linux do you use? glibc or musl? If running musl version, there is no other way but to try to compile ioquake3 yourself I think. As build with installer is for sure compiled with glibc