Ioquake no longer available?

Just recently bought Quake 3 from steam during the sale this QuakeCon

Looking to load in a Mod called Spearmint allowing splitscreen play

Believe all mods, including this one, are built from ioquake, not the base game. My problem is whilst trying to download ioquake to install the mods, I found as of June 2019 the files are no longer available?? Does this mean ioquake is no longer available, i cannot mod Quake 3 and will not be able to play splitscreen with friends??

Would love some clarity and assistance on this, thaks guys (or gals)

Spearmint is a standalone project that is not compatible with other Quake 3 servers/clients/mods. It includes the executable and everything you need to play, except the Quake 3 pk3 data files you get from Steam, GOG, etc. Installing ioquake3 is not necessary to use it.

ioquake3 (2009) files are available to download but newer builds are not available. The latest version can still be built from the ioquake3 source code however.


Ah, thanks for such a quick responce!

Forgive me, I feel like a complete dumbo when it comes to anything less than completely straight forward on a computer. I understand ioquake3 is generally what you look after here, but would you be able to give me a helping hand setting spearmint up?

I’ve putchased Quake 3 from Steam and located the baseq3 folder containing the .pk3 files
I’ve downloaded Spearmint and extracted the zipped folder to my desktop
I’ve copied files 0-8.pk3 from the baseq3 steam folder into Spearmint

From here, readme files in Spearmint just direct me to load Spearmint and play, however I’m recieving an error “Unsupported OpenGL Version (1.1.0), OpenGL 1.2 is required. Copy log to clipboard?” with a Yes/No option.

Is everything I’ve stated I’ve done correct? Do you know why I would be recieving this error? I’ve added a screenshot of what I’m looking at in hope it helps.

Again, very grateful for your help, it took many many hours just to get as far as this haha!

OpenGL required message|690x367

Upon further research into my problems, I think I’ve found that it has something to do with the driver for my chipset.

Using GPU Caps viewer I can see my GL_VERSION: 1.1.0, however at, the achieveable OpenGl is stated to be 2.1, enough to run Spearmint. Any advise on what I can do to get my OpenGL up to run Spearmint?

I also found that the main developer of Spearmint in yourself haha, my eyes near popped out of my head when I found this out!

Thnkas agian

Only having OpenGL 1.1 probably means it’s using the default generic Microsoft driver. Try to find if you can install the Intel OpenGL driver for your GPU.


Hello Again,

I have spearmint running using two ps4 controllers , hooray

Im struggling with the movement using analogue sticks. Ideally, id want this to have free movement with the left stick and free aiming with the right stick (by free i mean in any direction), at the moment movement and aiming are on a grid only being able to input one direction at a time.

The sensitivity is also incredibly low.

Is there away to enable free movement with a higher sensitivity? I’ve used DS4Windows to allow the controllers to work in the first place.

In Spearmint there is an analog option in the Setup -> Controls -> Player X -> Joy menu to allow more than one direction at a time. Also these cvars for player 1-4.

in_joystickUseAnalog 1
2in_joystickUseAnalog 1
3in_joystickUseAnalog 1
4in_joystickUseAnalog 1

In Spearmint there is keyboard/joystick yaw and pitch sensitivity cvars (separate for analog mode and non-analog mode). Analog defaults to 200, while non-analog defaults to 140. Try doubling the analog ones for players 1 and 2 and just adjust from there.

// Player 1 and 2 (Analog mode)
cg_yawspeedanalog 200
cg_pitchspeedanalog 200
2cg_yawspeedanalog 200
2cg_pitchspeedanalog 200

// Additional cvars for reference.
3cg_yawspeedanalog 200
3cg_pitchspeedanalog 200
4cg_yawspeedanalog 200
4cg_pitchspeedanalog 200

cg_yawspeed 140
cg_pitchspeed 140
2cg_yawspeed 140
2cg_pitchspeed 140
3cg_yawspeed 140
3cg_pitchspeed 140
4cg_yawspeed 140
4cg_pitchspeed 140