Invalid game folder

Hi, I have Macbook and want to play Q3 with friends. They have Windows version.
When I launch ioquake3 - I can create multiplay game and everything looks fine, however when I’m trying to connect to my friends - I get message “Invalid game folder”. When I’m trying to connect once again - I’m getting “couldn’t load maps/q3dm1” ( for example). I put all maps into /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3 and message “couldn’t load maps” disappered and now it disconnects me silently immediately after connection try. My friends see in top-right corner that I’m connected and immediately disconnected.

I asked friends to install ioquake3 on their Windows laptops, however they have totally the same symptoms, so it’s not OS X build issue, it’s generic one.

Could someone advise something?

Are you all using test builds?

Sure, I’m using last test build on both MacBook and windows

You will need to make sure you and the server and everyone on it has the latest version of Quake III Arena as well.

ioquake3 is only compatible with the final release of Q3A and not earlier versions.

We tried to run on both laptops ioquake3, both on windows and MacBook who
creates - can play, who connects - cannot

Could you try setting sv_pure to 0 on the server in the console? You may need to change the map for it to take effect.

Also log files (from both the server and client) may be useful. If you use the “condump filename” command it should create a log file under the users directory.

Make sure the server has /fs_game baseq3. Make sure all the quake3 paks are on the server.