Install on Fedoa 32

I had to do a couple of things get AVP to install on Fedora 32.

dnf -y install openal*
dnf -y install SDL*

in src/stubs.c I had to comment out:

int WaterFallBase;

I downloaded the game data. Copied english/language.txt to the root directory.

I used this srcipt to change all of the file names in my directory (named AVP) to lower case.


for SRC in `find AVP -depth`
    DST=`dirname "${SRC}"`/`basename "${SRC}" | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
    if [ "${SRC}" != "${DST}" ]
        [ ! -e "${DST}" ] && mv -T "${SRC}" "${DST}" || echo "${SRC} was not renamed"

I placed the binary ‘avp’ into this directory. The game menu starts but it core dumps.