Increasing FPS in high detail levels with opengl2 renderer

I downloaded a test build this week and took a huge hit in performance compared to the published build from 2013 which I was running previously. Is this because the published version was running the old renderer?

I’m assuming that’s the case since the new version looks better - however there’s a huge reduction in performance and I’m wondering which parameters are the biggest FPS hogs. My main issue is in the level “Brimstone Abbey”, when standing at any corner in this room.

Essentially I’d like to keep as much visual quality as possible while hopefully bringing this location in the level to a minimum of 30fps (most other levels average at 80fps, while this spot is dropping down to a slideshow).

Machine is a 2012 MBP (ret) on OSX 10.10.3, 650M-GT 1gb ddr5 / i7 2.7ghz / 8gb.
Would be nice to run it at 1920x1200 with close to max settings. I’ve read the guide on the new renderer settings but it didn’t give an indication of which ones are most hungry.

The new renderer defaults to off, there may be some other issue causing the downgrade in FPS but you can check if the new renderer is enabled or disabled by following these instructions.

I just checked and it was already turned on, I had the line in my q3config file.

I suspect that some of the features may not have come to life until I installed the current test build (over the production version from 2013) which might explain the slowdown, but the question remains as to which features are the biggest culprits.

I was hoping there might be a way to find out without changing every setting one by one.