Improve phobos ioquake3 servers

[link to random download site removed by TimeDoctor]

Dowload this pak8 and replace your old pak8 is better for the server ,please download my link is very important for the servers because you can put /acc ,stats,promode,etc

Sorry, but that pk3 file isn’t appropriate at this time.

why? Can u explain me ? please

To be honest, it’s sketchy to load pk3 files from random places. I’m also just not interested in promode and other features like that.

so is better for me but it has a lot of options ,for example names in blackcolor ,/maplist ,stats,etc
I’m master with creating config server but i want a good host for help,I have been playing quake3 since 2011 ,besides I think if you used what you just spent the serious server better , ask whoever you want , I would like to invite you to my server at night so you can see how it’s settings apart is not only PROMODE there is much more I see that your host is very good, but if you want a better server you should hear and see.
The ioquake phobos servers are not too full, the server does not suffer loss unlike improve it , until you step if you want the config and .bat , if you accept will be more activity for you and others do not lose anything by trying.

ok I’m undestand

visit ->
I just wanted to help, but if it’s something you want I’ll understand , I did just because your host is very good but need to configure and servers are inactive and therefore wanted to give you my config and it was very difficult to contact you.