Hunk_Alloc failed error on Q3DM8, com_hunkMegs not helping

I’m getting a “Hunk_Alloc failed on 1049600” error when trying to play Q3DM8

Before you ask, yes I already bumped com_hunkMegs up to 256, and even further to some crazy numbers. However the error still persists for some reason.
Just FYI, I’m using the steam release Quake 3 files on Windows 11. GPU is a nvidia 4080.

Also, I noticed that changing my player’s character model crashed the game on a few of them.

I’m not sure why com_hunkMegs isn’t helping. (I haven’t directly looked in to it though.)

Player models are only unloaded when changing maps or running vid_restart command. So changing though all the player models will just continue to use more and more memory until it runs out. Kind of by design.

Upping com_hunkmegs needs to be done from the command line during game launch. If you try to change it inside the game or just in a q3config.cfg or autoexec.cfg it doesn’t work. As for why you’re getting the com_hunkmegs failure, that depends entirely on the amount of assets being loaded. Certain mods and maps can use a large amount of memory, so removing any unnecessary .pk3 files from baseq3 and/or a mod directory if you’re running a modification and placing them in a temporary folder may help.