How to run ioQuake3 on Windows ME and XP?

Thanks for the tutorial! It was the only working tutorial so far. The one on the ioQuake3 site does not work… Now I was finally able to compile the 32bit files! and they work on a windows 10 system and properly use hardware EAX with Creative’s own OpelAL.dll 1.1, yaay.

Now, my main reason is to get it working on WinME and WIndows XP, preferably with networking. I have some vintage PC’s with Voodoo 3/5 cards (3DFX Glide) and Audigy 2 soundcards (EAX) running. Creative’s OpenAL with EAX is amazing I can tell you!

Now, for all those people who are going to spend a lot of their time and energy in asking why, or how windows ME is horrible, and these vinage OS’ses should not be used. Well that’s no help, your’re wasting your time on someting that has been posted all over the internet. And for your statisfaction these are gaming only vintage systems on their own lan and no, new OS will not run, somethin with 3DFX drivers being not so great after windows XP, and same with Creative EAX. Also the 3DFX glide games usually are windows 95/98/ME only so I choose ME (ME works amaaaaziiiinggg I can tell you)

So anybody around having the same problem, looking for the latest 32bit ioQuake3 builds for WinXP and Win9X, it would be amazing to know how to compile them or to share such builds! :smiley:

From what I remember there was only basic OpenGL 1.0 support in the 3rd party drivers for those 3dfx cards. I’m not sure it will run well, if at all.

The latest ioquake3 code should still work on Windows XP. You may need to run it the first time from Command Prompt with ioquake3.x86.exe +set cl_renderer opengl1 to use the older renderer with lower OpenGL requirements. I think I tested Windows XP last year. If there is an issue with it you can report it here.

Older ioquake3 versions using SDL 1.2 might work with Windows 9x/ME. (I’m not very familiar with them.) The last ioquake3 revision using SDL 1.2 was this commit from 2014. In Cygwin shell in your git clone of ioq3, you can try to build it using

ARCH=x86 make clean toolsclean
git checkout ca9eebb125458b65a0cc705bfd9d26ac683c3bab
ARCH=x86 make

You can switch back to current ioq3 using:

ARCH=x86 make clean toolsclean
git checkout main
ARCH=x86 make
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Hi! I’ve compiled the latest ioquake3 code with COMPILE_ARCH=x86 but I’ve received the error “The procedure entry point K32EnumProcesses could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.” when running on Windows XP. Is there another variable I need to set to compile for XP or has something changed at some point where XP is no longer supported?

The K32EnumProcesses error should be fixed now.


Fantastic!! Thanks for taking a look at that so quickly, everything seems to be working well on the XP side now.