How to bind melee with special options

Hi ioquake3 forums,
I was wondering if there is any possible way to bind my ‘Q’ key to melee. Of course I can make it switch to the gauntlet, but I want it to switch to Gauntlet when I press it, when I have ‘Q’ held down, the gauntlet is spinning (as if I’m using primary fire) and when I release ‘Q’ it switches back to (hopefully) the previous weapon. Even if thats not possible, and it would have to switch to a specific weapon, that would be fine. I know the buttons on the keyboard have specific events for press and release, but I have no experience binding these in Quake. Thanks so much if any of you answer.

P.S. Ioquake3 is awesome! The only problem I have is no botfiles, I have to figure that out :frowning:

The Quake 3 bind system does not allow for executing separate commands on key press and release. I don’t think anything similar to what you’re looking for can be done.

However, the OSP mod has a +vstr command which allows separate press/release commands. This will on key press switch to gauntlet and attack, then on release stop attacking and switch to Machine Gun.

set q_down "weapon 1; wait 2; +attack"
set q_up "-attack; weapon 2"
bind q +vstr q_down q_up

Regarding botfiles; make sure you have baseq3 pak1 through pak8 and a ioquake3 test build. Check out the players guide.