How do I properly upgrade to test build of ioquake3?

Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain completely and in detail how to “upgrade to a test build” “after using any of these installers” as recommended on the page: ??? I have successfully run the stable build engine installer (“ioquake3-1.36-3.1.x86.exe”). I also have downloaded “” on the page: and am now not completely sure on what to do next to properly complete upgrading to the test build. Thanks if anyone can help.

Also I was wondering if it is okay to use the pak1.pk3 thru pak8.pk3 files as well as the pak0.pk3 file from a Steam copy of Quake 3 for ioquake3 or should the ioquake3 data installer (“ioquake3-q3a-1.32-1.x86.exe”) pk3 files be used?

One more thing- Does anyone know of any differences at all between the pk3 files from Steam and the the pk3 files from the official id Software 1.32 point release installer and the pk3 files from the ioquake3 data installer?

The Quake 3 pak0-8.pk3 files are the same on Steam and CD / 1.32 point release / ioquake3 data installer. So using Quake 3 pk3s from Steam with ioquake3 is fine.

I haven’t actually done this, so maybe someone else will give better directions.

Unzip the test build zip into the folder where ioquake3.x86.exe was installed by the engine installer (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Quake III Arena or something). Using the x86_64 test build is fine, thought the start menu and/or desktop shortcuts will still point to the (non-updated) ioquake3.x86.exe. So you’ll need to make or edit a short cut to use the test build. You may need to copy the pk3 files to baseq3 in the folder where ioquake3 is install, as ioquake3 will not find the pk3s in the steam install.

Should the SDL.dll file from the stable build install be deleted or moved somewhere else when the test build file- SDL264.dll is unzipped in to the ioquake3 install folder?

No. Having SDL.dll there will not cause a problem. Running stable ioquake3.x86.exe would require having it. Test build doesn’t/won’t use it.

Is it okay to delete or move to a backup location all of the stable build files (SDL.dll; ioquake3.x86.exe; ioq3ded.x86.exe; cgamex86.dll; qagamex86.dll; uix86.dll (the last three from both the baseq3 and missionpack folders)) just because I feel like it? Will the test build ioquake3 work fine?

Yeah, that’s fine. It won’t break the test build.

Thanks a bunch! Any idea why there apparently is no stable x86_64 build for Windows?

The stable release hasn’t been updated for 5 years. Having x86 and x86_64 Windows installers may of been considered confusing at the time. I’m not sure.