How do I change protocols or version numbers to play in other servers?

Quake III Arena servers blow through every version out there. It seems I’m missing out on all these fun versions that servers are hosting today.

68 - 1.32
67 - 1.31
66 - 1.30
66 - 1.29h
48 - 1.27g
46 - 1.26
45 - 1.25
45 - 1.17
43 - 1.16n

There may be even more versions of 1.32 that I don’t know about.
But you get the picture, only 1.32 is available. 66 and 67 are the ones that I would use. Please help. Thank you!

We only have the source code from 1.32 and are not really interested in supporting previous versions that would require reverse engineering work for network compatibility.

You can run vanilla Quake 3 (not ioquake3) at these previous patch levels.

Any changes to switch-version capabilities today? Plus how can I even run Q3A on a Windows 10, 64-bit architecture? If there’s a way, that’d be great! But I don’t know it. Thanks!

No, ioquake3 still only supports 1.32 protocol. As far as I know, no one has reverse engineered the other protocols.

Existing 32-bit Quake 3 and ioquake3 should still work on Windows 10 64-bit. Install the ioquake3 test build for best operating system compatibility; it also includes a 64-bit ‘x86_64’ build. See the players guide for installation.

I would love to install Quake 3: Arena but Windows 10 says it will not. Ioquake3 will always be in my heart and I may even try my own server after reading the players guide but I still want access to old protocol games. Any tips on installing the old Q3A CD?

There is an old piece of software that switches versions…

[link to not at all legit looking software removed -moderator]

But this link is dead, and it might be hard to find. I might have it archived somewhere if your really interested…

I have it already :slight_smile: Those clone files are pretty sly.

Tight. There’s a fun mod on 1.16 I think called Black Metal Assault, it has grapple and some serious firepower… dunno if it’s still there though.

First, I need a way to install Q3A (not Ioquake3) in Win 10. I couldn’t do it in Win 7 either.

I didn’t have that problem… but if I were you I’d experiment with this. There are warnings that it is “a major update and things can go wrong so make a backup”… that said, I’ve had more than a few pieces of old software that wouldn’t run on windows 7 or 10. Virtual PC solved that, running Windows XP, I’ve run old graphics software, Quake, Quake II and Quake III with no noticeable performance issues. I’ve also managed to run XP under VirtualBox with similar results. That’s the best I can think of off the top of my head. If you still have problems I could brainstorm a little more :slight_smile:

I thought I should mention. VirtualBox and Virtual PC didn’t work together on Win7 VirtualBox canceled out VirtualPC… VirtualBox went to Win10 and I didn’t play with it beyond that.