Green hue after install

My first post and thanks btw for making ioquake, I gave up playing q3 ages ago but decided to have another go after seeing the summer reduction on steam :slight_smile:
Anyways…I seem to have managed to install it just fine but the game runs with a strange green hue.
The same happens with team arena too.
I’m using a GTX 1080 on a LG 49" (49sj810v) TV with gaming mode setup on the TV connected via HDMI and at 4k res.
Q3 seems to have automatically detected and set 4k res without having to go select it and the TV detects ‘HDR’ mode when q3 starts.

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I just found out myself what this was.
I was actually at 4096x2160 instead of 3840x2160 and this caused the green hue affect…somehow :smiley:

Anyways…happy days!