GL2: Old lights don't cast shadows?

Hi! Just compiled ioquake3 and ran the GL2 renderer, but it seems that the sun is the only light capable of producing shadows is the sun, what do I have to do to make other lights in the map produce shadows as well? (such as when a player walks past a light, it will produce a shadow of the player). Do I have to recompile the map, and if so with what options?

Hi kitzuni!

Unfortunately the player shadows (real-time shadows) are currently not supported. This is a very old issue, I posted this issue already here two years ago:
There, the author of the renderer said that the player shadows are ‘currently’ broken.
You can’t do anything to have map lights and entity lights cast real-time shadows yet.

The missing real-time shadows are the major problem with the new renderer, this is the reason why many people don’t like the new renderer. I tried to contact the author of the renderer2 (as mentioned in the Opengl2 readme) a few times, but he didn’t respond. So I’m not sure if he still supports his GL2 render or not.

So, finally, either you hope the missing player shadows will be supported in the future by the author of the new renderer,
or, if you have the skills, try to merge in the relevant missing code from Xreal into your own renderer.
I am looking for people that are interested in continue working on the GL2 renderer! Are you interested in porting the missing Xreal features (real-time lightning) into the new renderer?

Hmm, anyways, although my answer is probably not very encouraging I hope it helped a bit!

Thanks!!! That actually helped a lot!

I am no good in any sort of opengl or graphics programming so unfortunately I won’t be able to help, but I wish you luck on getting it done! :smile:

This is the first complaint I’ve heard about the real-time shadows being a major problem that many people don’t like. Please point me to other places where people have complained about the real-time shadows.

Oh, I apologize if my reply was inappropriate!

  1. If you read my other posts here at the forum you will notice that I always praise/defend ioquake3.
  2. It is hard to find people willingly to create a communtity map-pack for ioquake3 using the new features from renderer2. Experienced level designers from other projects (Nexuiz, Alien Arena) aren’t easy to attract to the new renderer. That’s why they don’t like it.
  3. And NO, I don’t wan’t to name them here.
  4. The lightning/shadowing IS broken. Even James Canete himself says this in his README.
  5. The RT-Shadows were working in an early state of the new renderer, unfortunately also the stencil shadows aren’t working. Personally I don’t think it’s good to have a non-functional feature, r_dlightmode can also crash ioquake3, which IS a major problem (imo).
  6. Eventually I should say, I know more players that prefer the old renderer. This sounds less pejoratively.
  7. My friends and I still like ioquake3 a lot, though this doesn’t mean everything is done.

Anyway, the new OpenGL2 renderer is cool, I really hope to see some maps that will make use of it someday. (iirc ioquake3 wanted some sort of replacement maps

I haven’t been actively asking anyone to make a community map pack for ioquake3 using opengl2. What are you talking about?

That’s not actually true as far as I can tell.

I’m the person that wrote that page on the wiki.

It’s fine if people aren’t happy with the current state of the opengl2 renderer, please comment on that bugzilla bug report if that’s the case or submit a pull request.

Just a small message to say that I would be very interrested in dynamic lights shadows ! :smile: