Full HD isn't working

I installed ioquake3 + test builds, copied all pk3 files from my gog version of Quake. I changed settings in q3config.cfg in %appdata%/Quake III as shown in the internet. However when I start a game I see it in full HD, but the game itself is streched like my monitor had bad resolution and I can’t see bottom and right part of game. Also I can’t use alt-tab, because game closes.
Here is the screenshot

Also I would like to ask if it is possible to use voodoo wrapper with ioquake3? For example nGlide.

A wrapper isn’t necessary and wouldn’t work because we don’t use that graphics API.

What settings did you change? We have instructions here:

More or less, I applied to this instructions:
I’ve also tried exactly the same thing as written in wiki (after reinstallation) and nothing really changed.

Ok, I found the solution. Idk how, but I got idea to tick this setting:

I still can’t alt-tab in fullscreen mode, but I can in windowed, so everything is fine.