From GitHub Random #228: segfaults and UI freeze on linux

Summary: up until recently, I had no trouble running ioquake3. But for a few weeks now it’s segfaulting and throwing errors about ALSA. Sometimes it doesn’t even bother throwing errors on the console, just segfaulting (as documented here), when, for instance, I run it like that : ioquake3 +set s_useOpenAL 1.

I’m running Funtoo Linux (a variant of Gentoo which is mostly compatible in a lot of ways and uses most of upstream design).

Oh, I wrote the wrong thing on the github; use ioquake3 +set s_useOpenAL 0 to disable OpenAL not 1.

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@zturtleman And here is the result:

pak0.pk3 in /home/uniaika/.q3a/baseq3/ is overriding the patch pk3 files in /usr/share/games/quake3/baseq3/. This is resulting in the old incompatible UI QVM from pak0.pk3 to be used instead of UI QVM from pak8.pk3.

Solution; remove /home/uniaika/.q3a/baseq3/pak0.pk3 as pak0.pk3 is already in /usr/share/games/quake3/baseq3/.

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I did so, and indeed, launching ioquake3 +set s_useOpenAL 0 makes it work =)
Now a last quirk remains: if I launch the game with a VGA screen connected to my laptop, quitting the game will change my screens’ resolution to 1024x768 (which I can easily set back using xrandr but nonetheless, maybe it’s a common issue that can be fixed).

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

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