Force enemy models

I can’t get force enemy models / fullbright models to work.
This is in my autoexec.cfg at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quake3\baseq3:

seta cg_forceModel "1"
seta headmodel "sarge/pm"
seta team_model "sarge/pm"
seta team_headmodel "sarge/pm"
seta cg_enemyModel "tankjr/pm"
seta cg_enemycolors "0333"
seta color1 "0555"
seta color2 "9"
seta cg_forceColors "1"
seta cg_teamRails "2"
seta model "sarge/pm"
seta color "7"
seta sex "male"
seta xp_enemyModel “tankjr”

This only seems to change all enemy models to sarge, but not tankjr. Colors are not respected at all.
What are the right config settings for ioquake ?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Enemy model and fullbright skin features are only supported by some mods. I think CPMA supports them.

xp_enemyModel might be an “excessive plus” mod cvar.

For official Quake 3 (baseq3, missionpack), you can set cg_forceModel 1 and then set model (or team_model in team game types) to what you want enemies to appear as.

ah, I see! Didn’t realize these were mod-specific features. Thanks for the clarification!