Font generators for Q3

Do you guys know any tools that generate Q3-compatible font bitmaps, from TTF files? Q3 has two fonts. One for the in-game HUD and one for the console. Any ideas where to find such tools?

I don’t think this exists ! artists usually use their image manipulation editors or even pixel art software to pack up the font image ! You have to use the existing image as a base. Of course you can upscale the size for higher detail :slight_smile:

Found one:

But it doesn’t seem to work well. :frowning:

Ugh, that bring me back memories of painting own fonts back in Amiga days:

Typographist is one of the hardest jobs ever :slight_smile:

Do you guys remember that font generator for TA menus? Does anyone still have a link?

old thread, but bumping for the sake of others. knowledge doesn’t have an expiration date.
keep in mind though if you’re actually trying to change the in game font you see on the menus and such this site is a waste of time, it only changes the terminal font. if you’re trying to change the actual game font you see in the game window (not the menu and other dailog) that’s in the fonts folder, and is as simple as dropping in a new font, well at least if you use spearmint.
but if you’re trying to change the menu font, you don’t need bigchars, you’re after font1_prop, font1_prop_glo, font2_prop. those are the actual font files that you see in game, and there doesn’t seem to be any editor floating around even though somehow people have been making them. it’s quite frustrating that someone would make such a good font generator that doesn’t even change the font. they should just call it a terminal font editor.