Error: Taunt sounds play when they're not supposed to

There’s a glitch that happens when playing Team Arena. If another player gestures within earshot of the current user, then that user will hear that gesture sound every time the other player is damaged. This stops upon the other player’s death.

Note that this doesn’t happen in Quake III Arena/base game.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load Quake III Team Arena, and start a map.
  2. Connect two clients.
  3. Have client 2 press their gesture button while in front of Client 1
  4. Have Client 1 shoot Client 2 with any weapon. (Note how the sound is heard but no animation.)
  5. Have Client 1 kill Client 2 with any weapon.
  6. Find client 2 and shoot them again (note how the sound is no longer heard)