Eradicator (railgun) for Q3

Hi everyone, I found a railgun from Quake 2 and I want to convert files from CS GO to Q3, because this texture has been added to CS so why not give it to Q3 :slight_smile: Eradicator%20railgun

and links :
download :

I want to convert files from CS GO to files to Q3

I think you’ll find that the q3 poly & vertex count cap will max out and the model won’t load in game, or will crash. There might be ways around it changing code but i don’t know anything about that side of things. All i know is that models that are too complex cause big issues. Also interesting to see that the quake wars - enemy territory rail gun was put into quake champions…

Forgive me that I have crashed you with these questions about those models :frowning:

I tried to play files using Blender 3D but no effects

I have been busy with a new full time job, moving house and getting my license. I will upload the files publically on this forum as a beta version hopefully in the next week or so. I just need to finish sorting out the files into one pk3 file as my files are spread across a heap of pk3s and intertwined in the pak0.

Put it into blender, export as an obj, open the obj exported file into misfit model 3d and export as md3 file, you’ll have to lessen the poly and vertex count or q3 will crash - well that’s what used to happen to me back when i made high poly models anyway

Like ToKu said “we wait for it like Christmas presents” :slight_smile:

And when it comes to railgun, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

No worries, and yeah with the rail gun - it might be better/easier to just open the obj file you export with blender with mm3d, then open your q3railgun file and copy from one mm3d screen to your q3 mm3d file, then you can change the sise of the model to suit the q3 model, and whilst selected change it to the topmost on the list group which will be the q3 original one. Then copy, and then select all, delete and paste. That should have you sorted (except for the poly and vertex count - for that i recommend deleting faces you can’t see from the camera angle in game)

Those deleted faces will look funny in game when you see a weapon spawn as its not a complete closed model. I need someone to make a mod for all the guns that allows a separate model to be loaded for 1st person as opposed to the default model loading in world and 1st person together for performances sake and to do away with the poly &vertex count without detail loss in 1st person.

I can not reproduce this kind of file and in Blender 3D and in Misfit 3D Model, programs write that this type of file is unrecognizable

This is my new railgun :

I know a person, it’s called @ MikeMartin. He could help you. You can find it on Discord - the MikeMartin server where I have invited you or on this page:

Hello again, I was able to get strog_raiguna textures from the game recently and I have a problem that I don’t have the shape of a weapon for these textures. Is it possible to generate a shape in the program using textures? :