Downlaod Speed cap and Hangs up

I keep getting this problem on my server with higher then 32 mb maps ,

File "baseq3/mapname.pk3: too large.
Max download size 32MB

And the other problem is maxfps gets reset back to 125 when enter server or callvote/rotate map
So basically you have your com_maxfps set to 250 or anything , and you enter the server, they become 125 ( you change them again to 250 ) , if someone callvotes a map , or rotates the map , or even map restart , they go back to 125 .

Suggestions ?
thanks .

well I realized I was using an older version , when updated to 2009 probs went away , I see some servers running 1.36_GIT_1902b6e updated 2015 ? where is this one

It’s test build available for download from
You can also download source code from GIT and build it yourself.

Don’t worry abount com_maxfps, it should be 125 fps. FPS has influence on movement capabilities (idtech3 strafe bug).

It’s also connected with some network settings:

And this is a 32 bit version ? because I cant seem to make it work on my debian 64bit , stock ioq3 2009 works , the test build don’t

Man id pay some1 to properly set up ioquake3 the updated from:

On my Debian 8 x64 (jessie) server, for excessiveplus mod I have all the mod settings set all that’s needed is properly set up the updated ioquake3 in possibly 64 bit mode … I can pay by pp , or anything else. SOmeone ??

ok well , after proper install , I start download high 500kb-1mb’s for about 2 secs , then it drops down to 300’s . and slowly stays closer to 300 . then about 90 percent done it starts to get slower and basically stops downloading .

I tried using external url , and no url , and same thing . Suggestions ?

I’m not sure, probably 64bit. What does not work exactly? AFIR i had to install some backport packages on my debian jessie to make recent git version compile and run on my system.

So you did manage to launch ioq3 properly after all? How big file You want to serve? Do you test it on lan or over internet?

over internet , any map gives the same problem , ive tested 50 mb , 20 mb … 100 mb … same thing .

Yeah serve ris up and running perfect, only the download prob and custom bot not loading

Some suggestion ? Thanks

so more specific , it hangs on maps higher then 32 mb , so hangs on 32 mb , for regular quake 3 clients.

any1 else has this problem ? download stops at exactly 32mb .

Is not a problem with ioq3 client , was using q3a.

This is an issue with the regular quake 3 client as discussed on the github issue.