Disabling some performance killing features

I play ioquake locally,it’s cool, but in close combats, when bullets and blood are flying, there is “tearing” or “lagging” which is really uncomfortable. Same computer, same data files, if I reboot to Windows and play original idSoftware’s Q3A 1.32 there is no such problem. Can I disable those effects that cause the performance issue?

Are you using a test build?

What graphics hardware does your computer have?

Hi, I installed ioquake 1.36+svn2287. My GPU is built-in Intel HD Graphics 4000.

We haven’t used subversion in a long time now, and that build is 2 years old. However, your intel graphics chipset should be able to run it properly. Please upgrade to a test build and you may find that a com_maxfps setting of 30 or 60 will help tone down the tearing. You can set that in the console (press shift+escape or the ` key to bring down the console) and then type /com_maxfps 60, and then if that doesn’t help, /com_maxfps 30 may fix it.