Could someone fire Up the bountysource page please?


This page is empty … could someone pleae fire up the issues onto that page so that I and
many othes can support this project by voting with our wallets, please.

I guess there are no issues in the engine. :smiley:

Sorry, nobody informed us of this. I think I’ve taken over that bounty page, but we also have no money to fund it at this time.

Sorry, nobody informed us of this.

I thought I just did. but there was no hurry … it’s just a long term thing.

we also have no money to fund it at this time.

Any issues that are raised shall be looked at , and funded by the community (inc. myself), that’s how it works.
We need issues dammit.

I guess there’s a TODO in the src repository that can be easily converted into an issue list. But isn’t the whole thing easier if people that want to donate money just… click the PayPal donation button?

I need someone to go over launch and create issues, as that’s the only project where we are using the github issue tracking at the moment:

just… click the PayPal donation button?

  • Bountysource is a laser-guided donating system, That is why it is still going (Hurra!)

Only someone who’s not past the point of greed is he/she who refuses to acknowledge that.
Paypal is just re-imagining that image of everyone pushing or falling down a hole akin to sheep that they always post at the sale of the next iphone. Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme, as I meant money and not people.

But it could be true, those persons could get disillusioned if all the money goes into one pot.
I’m sure that would follow.
Equally, there is certain creedence to having completed tasks, something I take pride in being a part of. Honestly.

Anyway, said enough, I shall go do the bins.

  • & think about accountability.

/me Afterthought scurries away to-do the bins.

As of yet this has not been updated … and remains without a place to put my money …
even for Donations !

We’re working to fix that.

update it’s fixed.

Hi TimeDoctor,

Ok so I just donated over $200 to bountysource over the last month.

If there had been issues loaded in ioquake and/or the launcher - I would have put it there.

It’d be nice to know where the basic donations are going to ? Otherwise without any interesting
issues a_lotted to be funded … I just kinda think everyone thinks that the world is perfect …
however , no code is ever complete - so it remains to be asked … am I funding this project any more because of my issues or the communities issues … I’d prefer the later.

Anyway … got a chromebook for christmas … hope it makes funding easier with lastpass …
which it shall.

Merry christmas everyone - I wish you spiritual and bounty rebirth.

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