Corrupted border once in play

Latest test build as of today, compiled successfully and running on Linux x86_64. It’s a laptop with an “Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620”.

Menus are fine, but as soon as a game is started (whether single or multiplayer), the video area is smaller than the set resolution with a corrupted border containing some other image from the game - as though the video area shrinks after starting. I think it’s the loading screen.

This happens whatever the selected resolution and in both fullscreen and windowed mode. GL Extensions off/on makes no difference. Tried the OpenGL2 renderer too. Anything else I can try, please?

Plays very smoothly. Driver seems to be the Intel open source driver, 4.6 Mesa 20.0.8

By default “-” key makes the view smaller and “+” will increase it. Or set cg_viewsize 100 in the console to restore full size.

The corrupt edge is a bug in the opengl2 renderer. opengl1 has a grey texture at the edge.

Thanks - the less than maximum screen size was the issue. Must have accidentally hit one of those hot keys. Can’t imagine why anyone would want this function.