Changing the weapon camera

Hi, I’m remaking the weapon models for q3a as a mod (based 90% on the original q3a guns - really just a high Poly model remake with better textures etc.)
However my problem is this; how would i go about changing the camera location slightly so i could get a better view of the length of the weapons? To add a more modern fps feel and to view my creations better.
I know it has no real effect on game play - its just an aesthetics/ immersion focal point.

The first person weapon position is controlled by tag_weapon in models/weapons2/shotgun/shotgun_hand.md3 or other models/weapons2/x/x_hand.md3 for a specific weapons.

For development you can set cg_gunX, cg_gunY, and cg_gunZ cvars to offset the position. They are cheat protected so you need to load the map using devmap command in the console.

Also please don’t edit posts to completely change the title/content.

I understand the tags in the models that the engine links together during game play, ie player model tag weapon>weapon hand tags> tag weapon flash etc. That’s all well and good, but if I’m to change the tag weapon hand positions to get a better perspective - other players will view all player models running around with a gun hovering out and away from their hands, and id rather not have to resort to that.
Are the cvars (i presume to be command or code variable?) for just changing where the hud view places the model, ie the camera view changes? But still leaves the hands gripping the weapon to be seen by others, essentially keeping the weapon hand tags untouched?
And my apologies about the post, no one really replied to it, and the whole notion of animated weapons isn’t on my agenda anymore so i thought rather than flooding the list of topics just change it.

_hand.md3 models and cg_gunX/Y/Z console variables only change the first person HUD view. They have no affect on third person / other player models running around.

tag_weapon in the _hand.md3 models set the weapon position for the first person HUD view. tag_weapon in the player model’s upper.md3 set the third person position.

Ok, so with that in mind one could add some lines to make it so that in first person view, a higher poly model could be used, and then an inworld/3rd person view would show a separate lower poly model to allow a faster game play with higher graphical allowance?

Yes. It can be done by modifying the source code for the cgame qvm.

Still have some work to do on the textures, as you can see a couple of triangles are stretched - but progress none the less!


Still have texture work to do on the railgun, but polys are finally done (I’ve done about 4 Complete different models for it before settling on this) - can never seem content for some reason… although you can’t see here the gl2 renderer makes the bump and spec maps on the weapon polys look fantastic.

Going to set up a glow overlay for some lights on the rg after I’ve completed the texture map so that it’ll have "flashing lights and buttons - does anyone know how to make it in the shader/mtr files so that the desaturated light glow texture changes based on player colour? as in like how the railtrail changes colour - or is that a code change?
As always thanks for putting up with my new-to-this dopey questions - and if you have any suggestions for the polys or textures on these re-models just let me know - always good to have feedback :slight_smile:


Started work on the plasma gun - still a long road ahead… most of the polys done but not all - and as always I still need to do a heap of texture work (a re-occurring theme with me)


The plasma gun flash looks pretty. It’s nice and colorful.


Thanks @zturtleman its actually just a supernova photo from google pictures - i still need to create my own version from scratch but ill try and keep the same visual effect - plus I’ve edited the shader script now so that it pulls from 3 different flash textures to add a bit of randomness

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You’re models are awesome :slight_smile:

Wow, your models are amazing :slight_smile: , if you can know when they will be available, because I’m interested and I create my own too, but they are only for default models

Beautiful plasma <3 so flashy and colorful.

Your mod will be avaible for bigger audience?