Change forum skin back to white theme

I don’t like dark themes in any GUI, is there a way to switch back to nice white skin?

Defeat me in 1v1 deathmatch next time you’re close enough for a good ping :smile:

But seriously, I’ll look and see if there’s an option for users to change the theme they use.

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And it appears there is not. :expressionless:

Well, then let’s switch to the first option, gimme IP and start preparing new CSS :wink:

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To make things more interesting - I like this dark theme. It’s better for eyes, easier to read and looks better for gaming community :smile:

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I don’t think it’s better for eyes. While it sill might be matter of personal preference, it’s more natural to read dark text on bright background. Reading bright text on dark background requires eyes to focus better to compensate contrast. At least in my case.