Can't connect to local RA3 dedicated server


I’m trying to set up a local Rocket Arena 3 dedicated server. I’m using OS X.
I’ve grabbed the RA3 mod and extracted the “arena” folder into ioquake3. I’ve also put ioq3ded.ub from and the server.cfg from the arena mod at the ioquake3 root.
I launch the dedicated server using the following command:
./ioq3ded.ub +set fs_game arena +set vm_game 0 +set sv_pure 0 +set bot_enable 0 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set dedicated 1 +set net_port 27960 +exec server.cfg

It seems to work fine. When I launch the ioQuake3 app, in the server list I see the RA3 dedicated server. I try to connect, it shows the “Awaiting gamestate message” but almost instantly it just brings me back to the main menu.

In the server console here’s what I can read:

Client 0 connecting with 0 challenge ping
ClientUserinfoChanged: 0 n\UnnamedPlayer\t\0\model\sarge\hmodel\sarge\g_redteam\\g_blueteam\\c1\4\c2\5\hc\100\w\0\l\0\tt\0\tl\0\id\915962B8D8514947C25AE01D69FC4ED6
ClientConnect: 0
broadcast: print "UnnamedPlayer^7 connected\n"
broadcast: print "UnnamedPlayer^7 disconnected\n"
ClientDisconnect: 0

I unsuccessfully tried to enable automatic download.

Did I do something wrong? What did I miss?
I can post the content of server.cfg extracted from the RA3 mod if it may help.


Don’t take the universal binary out of the .app and attempt to run it.
You can run it from the root ioquake3 folder for a dedicated server by using:


Please upgrade to a test build before trying again:


Thanks for the answer. I tried ith the test build and w/o moving ioq3ded out ot

Same problem. Here’s the detailed connection log after I set developer 1:

SV packet : getinfo
SV packet : getchallenge
SV packet : connect
SVC_DirectConnect ()
Client 0 connecting with 0 challenge ping
ClientConnect: 0
ClientUserinfoChanged: 0 n\reptilou\t\0\model\razor/patriot\hmodel\razor/patriot\g_redteam\\g_blueteam\\c1\4\c2\5\hc\100\w\0\l\0\tt\0\tl\0
broadcast: print "reptilou^7 connected\n"
Going from CS_FREE to CS_CONNECTED for reptilou
reptilou : dropped gamestate, resending
SV_SendClientGameState() for reptilou
Going from CS_CONNECTED to CS_PRIMED for reptilou
clientCommand: reptilou : 1 : disconnect
broadcast: print "reptilou^7 disconnected\n"
ClientDisconnect: 0
Going to CS_ZOMBIE for 
Going from CS_ZOMBIE to CS_FREE for client 0

There is no Mac version of the RA3 game module.

You can only run a RA3 server on Windows and Linux (32-bit only)

oh wow I forgot that crt is a dumbass and uses compiled dlls.

Yeah I think there’s an integrated http server and stats database in there…probably why it’s dlls.