Built-in VOIP with macOS 13.x Intel/Arm


i want to use the built-in VOIP feature with my server config and some macOS, Linux and Windows clients. I have started to test it with macOS, but the level meter has shown no activity and nothing is audible on the other macOS client.

I have configured this on the server:

and this on the clients:

Later i have noticed that macOS does not show the microphone/camera indicator on the top left. To see more log output i have started the binary from the shell instead of the link from the Applications folder. After using q button macOS has asked for the microphone permission and after that the level meter showed some reaction. After starting it again from the Applications folder the level meter shows nothing again.

Even after the microphone permission fix no voices are heard on the other clients. Do i miss some server config?

with ioquake3 +set developer 1 it shows that VOIP seems to work on the client side

VoIP: Send 3 frames, 283 bytes, 0.000257 power
VoIP: Send 3 frames, 356 bytes, 0.000012 power
VoIP: Send 3 frames, 347 bytes, 0.000009 power
VoIP: Send 3 frames, 352 bytes, 0.000010 power
VoIP: Send 3 frames, 362 bytes, 0.000013 power

The same on the server shows no VOIP output…