Black screen after splash screen

Hi all!

After watching the id splash screen all I get is a black screen. I hear the menu sounds,
but that’s it. Also when I try to break the splash screen with the escape button the
moment when it stopped gets frozen on the screen while I’m entered in the menu,
but again, I can’t navigate it because of the splash screen. Also, the game works
fine using the original executable.

I’m using the latest Windows test version under Windows 7. Can give you more info
about my system if it is necessary.


Which video card are you using?

An old ATI card, exactly a Radeon HD6870.

You may need to switch to the old renderer opengl1 , instructions for that and more are here: Players Guide – ioquake3

Since I’m not even able to access the console I just renamed the …opengl2…dll file
to …opengl1…dll. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, it is all fine now!

I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue. Renaming the DLL will not switch which renderer is in use, however. You can also change configuration options in the configuration files (see the player’s guide for locations) and on Windows through making and then editing a shortcut.