Binary files for Linux/Mac OS X


I noticed that several people on other forums want to try this game, but they didn’t know how to compile it on Linux/Mac OS X? Do you plan to prepare binary files for the Linux/Mac version of AvP?

I wasn’t planning on making any binary releases, at least not any time soon. I can look into it after I fix some of the SDL 2 issues.

Someone created an installer for the Linux version of AvP, but it is only a solution for users who use Linux 64-bit

Personally, I prefer to use Ubuntu 32-bit, and Mac OS X.

Makson from created the project Free Engineer, and he included the latest version of AvP:

(As a moderation note, I’ve removed the link to the binary here, a random binary from a new user to the forum could do anything to your system. If anyone would like to discuss that issue please feel free to e-mail me directly, zachary @