Awaiting challange - can't connect to remote hosts

Are there any known compatibility issues in connecting from ioq3 client (1.36 x64 Linux CPMA mod) to non ioq3 server (running cqn or vanilla 1.32 pr)?
I have no problem in connecting to my LAN server (1.36 x64 Linux CPMA mod), but i can’t connect to any remote host. I’m able to fetch list from master server but every time only get “awaiting challenge”. Is there any way to debug client<>server communication?

There should be no incompatibility between the 1.32 point release and ioquake3. Please do not use 1.36, upgrade to a test build immediately.

It might by some issue with in-game browser. I can connect to hosts directly from console by typing /connect ip:port. I use qxf as external server browser, so it’s not important issue anymore.
Any reason You recommend newest test build?

Yes, because 1.36 is from 2009.

Thanks for the suggestion. I especially like QuakeLive mouse acceleration patch.
Anyway my initial reported issue is probably related to CPMA 1.48 mod. I won’t do any further investigations in that matter since i use external server browser.

Good day sir.