Autoexec.cfg not works

I am on windows 10

I just installed a clean version of ioquake starting from the download page (downloaded 2 file, setup + pak1-8)

%appdata%\Quake3\baseq3\Autoexec.cfg is not invoked or better console say yes but nothing is loaded from my file.

I have done some tests, just to understand if I am in a wrong way…



From console if I write autoexec + TAB I see all files starting from.
renamed autoexec.cfg in old, again autoexec + TAB I dont see any result. Well I have done \exec autoexec.cfg and no error appear. I was aspecting “cannot exec …”


I created an empty autoexec.cfg with only 1 line: echo “autoexec.cfg”;wait 333;
exec \autoexec.cfg and nothing happen


renamed autoexec.cfg to autoexec_test.cfg
exec \autoexec_test.cfg and nothing happen…oh my god!

renamed autoexec_test.cfg to autoexectest.cfg
exec autoexectest.cfg and it works fine, I have seen the echo



Autoexec.cfg is not invoked, exec autoexec.cfg does not works too and also files named autoexec + _ (undersocore) + something.cfg cannot be executed.

I googled my issue but I didnt find any

someone has any idea?


I think it might be finding autoexec.cfg somewhere else. Try using a test build and running which autoexec.cfg in the console to see where it’s loading the file from.

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I will test it, I noted one stuff …
I run the command /path and here part of result
baseq3 hsa a slash and not a back slash
Could be that ?

C:\Users\byman\AppData\Roaming\Quake3\baseq3\Bal3dm3.pk3 (67 files)
C:\byman\Programmi Portable\ioquake3\baseq3\pak0.pk3 (3539 files)
C:\byman\Programmi Portable\ioquake3/baseq3

It’s just a display error. It’s fixed in the test build.

Confirmed, I installed the test build and it works great.

autoexec now is called fine
thanks for your support