Any source code post-2017 release?

AVP Git repository on icculus site disappeared, so the latest version of code is 2017 release. Does anyone have access to the changes from the Git repo before it went down?

I scoured the internet to find whatever I could to restart development/proper maintenance of the project and the best history I could find was commits until November 2009. I rebased them on top of initial Rebellion source code releases and included in a repo:

On branches other/* you can find all meaningful changes to the source code I could find:

  • other/icculus-releases - tarballs content imported to Git, preserving date, authorship, etc
  • other/avp-source-code-update - import from SVN repo, rebased on top of Rebellion release
  • other/icculus-2009 - Git history until Nov 2009
  • other/neuromancer/avp - Some changes from MorphOS ported on top of 2017 snapshot
  • other/scraft/avpmp - OpenGL ES work based on Nov 2009 version

If you have access to any other meaningful AvP development (especially if you have access to newer history of icculus Git repo, post 2009 or better SDL2 support), please leave a comment (or contact me on Discord: ).