Anti-DDoS amplification attack mechanism?

Lately i discovered my ioquake3 servers are being attacked and used as amplification points. I know i can filter large traffic on Linux box (as described in, but is there in ioq3 any code do fight away such attacks?

Wow, I’m surprised it’s getting through IOQ3 engine - Are you using the latest test builds? ( - It includes a some network patches thus leading to a custom protocol (71). I’d be curious to know if the test builds are also affected, as it determines me hosting for the game again.

Other than that, if you’re using Windows, you might be able to setup a custom bandwidth rule in NetLimiter, so that specific ports (used by Q3) do not exceed a certain throughput.

I wasn’t using test builds at the time. I use it now. I also had to convince my ISP to apply some network iptables rules described above, because my servers are inside NAT, so i can let that river of udp packets flow into intranet.
And i’m not using Windows almost at all, i’m Linux guy :slight_smile: