Ioquake 3 Team Arena Linux i386 and x86_64 Graphical Issues

Hi guys. I try to get ioquake 3 Team Arena working properly on Linux (openSUSE).
I got a few very strange problems.
When I try to start ioquake3 Team Arena i386 It directly boots into console and I can’t do stuff.

For x86_64 Team Arena boots but the interface looks borked. My best guess is that it cannot load several files, but I cannot find which. Console output looks quite good. Some files are missing
Console log output:
screenshot of main menu with graphical issues:

Of course I copied pak0.pk3 from both baseq3 and missionpak to the correct directories for my ioquake3 installation. I used the offical ioquake 3 1.36-7.1 installers.

The windows version 1.36-3.1 worked flawlessly.

Does anybody have an idea?

/e: I found out that it’s definitely the files provided by the ioquake3 team. I installed the engine from my package manager and I don’t have issues like the ones mentioned above. So new builts would be awesome