[SOLVED] OSX - Dedicated Team Arena Server, help


I am trying to get Team Arena to run as a dedicated server on OSX. I’ve managed to get Q3 to run okay but not the addon. Everything is installed for Team Arena in the missionpack folder. I tried running the game_restart missionpack command but the console says the command can not be found. I also tried adding this to the autoexec.cfg but didn’t have any success.

I am running version Q3 1.36.

The OSX is pretty only as it’s a spare xserve running 10.5.8

Can anyone offer some help?

Kind regards


I have the solution.

I made a shell script with the following:

exec /Applications/ioquake3/ioquake3-1.36.app/Contents/MacOS/ioq3ded.ub +set fs_game missionpack

We’ve got some better instructions for setting up a multiplayer server here