Jumping behaviour

please, let me know if line

bind MWHEELUP “+moveup”

— in config-file — allows you to jump on scrolling.

(Darwin 14.4.0)

It does not.

The reason it does not is because internally mouse wheel buttons are pressed and then instantly released. Movement and yaw angle turning buttons are based on how long the key is held for. So mouse wheel buttons being pressed for 0 milliseconds doesn’t result in any movement. The time is tracked by converting +moveup into +/-moveup <keynum> <time> when parsing the bind string.

Workaround: Manually specify the times (using cvar and vstr command), forcing key to be pressed for entire frame.

seta my_mwheelup_cmd "+moveup 184 0; -moveup 184 100"
bind MWHEELUP "vstr my_mwheelup_cmd"
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