Ioquake3 server with sv_dlURL and HTTPS

Hi! I’ve set up an ioquake3 server an my raspberry pi with the cvar

set sv_dlURL "https://myserver.tld/~ioquake3/"

But if I try to join, I get the Error “Unknown protocol error 0”. The URL works withouth problems and you can access the pk3 files on “myserver.tld/~ioquake3/baseq3/” with a browser.

Is it possible to force ioquake3 to use HTTPS?

I’ve “kinda” fixed it with not forcing apache to https. It’s not something neccessary with priority, but imho it would be nice if ioquake3 support https download of gamefiles.

Supported protocols depends on cURL library. For Windows this is bundled with ioquake3 but for other platforms it’s entirely system/distribution dependent.

If I remember correctly updating from the ioquake3 2009 Windows stable release to a build from the last 6 years will add HTTPS support. Automatic (test) builds are current down so it has to be compiled from source though.