Ioquake no sound at all


As the title says I don’t have any sound at all in the game (no sound effects or music) and it has been driving me up the walls recently. So I decided to ask here, maybe someone had something like this happen to them and have a solution?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Are you using a recent test build?

Can you post the console log? Run ioquake3 and open the console using shift+escape and type condump log.txt and press enter. The log will be at

  • (Windows) %APPDATA%\Quake3\baseq3\log.txt
  • (macOS) /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3/log.txt
  • (GNU/Linux) /home/YOURNAME/.q3a/baseq3/log.txt


Okay, apparently I am dumb! After creating the log and paying closer attention to what it was saying I found the problem and fixed it!

Thank you for your help either way!