Getting the game window to load up in the same spot on the screen of my monitor

Hello, I just downloaded ioq3 1.36, and every time that I start up the game (r_fullscreen “0” and r_mode “5”) the window changes spots on my monitor, sometime loading halfway into the taskbar after it has booted up. How do I get my game to load up in the center of the screen and stay in the same spot that I have left it in each time that I go to start up the game again. I’ve never had this problem with 1.34. Thank you.

HP Pavilion / Windows 7 / Intel Pentium Processor G620 / Monitor is 1600x900

If you get a ioq3 test build, you can set the r_centerWindow cvar to 1 to have window be centered each time the game starts or video mode changes.

Code commits for posterity: add centering, add cvar

Thank you…it works great. =)