Curious about progress on 64-bit MacOS

Hi, I want to fire up Q3A again, and it looks like the crypto malware stalled development on 64-bit MacOS for over a year. I’ll get it running myself for the time being, but I’m wondering if the project is well and truly dead, and I should resign myself to adding a Windows partition to Catalina.

So, I’m curious, if anyone has answers:

  • What are your blockers at this point for getting MacOS 64-bit back on track?
  • If there’s help you could get to make that happen from outside, what would you need?

It’s a long shot, but I have some old, dear friends from a clan back in the day that I might be able to get involved for ‘old times’ sake’ - depending what you’re up against.


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Project isn’t dead, just blocked by sysadmin tasks, unfortunately.