cg_gunX, cg_gunY, cg_gunZ cvars in MM3D

Hi, I am currently working on a project started by another Quake 3 modder. For reference: CZ45 Q3A Weapon Model Remake (v0.8) addon - CZ45's Q3A Mod Repository for Quake III Arena - Mod DB

However, I am not interested in the weapon model remakes, but the widescreen positioning of the viewmodels. As such I am only using the zzczhdwr2.pk3 component of the mod for vanilla weapons. Like so:

My only question is this; using the translate feature in Misfit Model 3D (thanks for your guide in the other thread, zturtleman), how can I get a similar look for the gauntlet and BFG 10K? I was at it for hours last night, but for me, it was one step forward and ten steps back every time it looked like I was making progress. I also want to do the same for the Team Arena weapons since the original creator made it explicitly clear he would never give them the widescreen treatment.


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